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Guidance on Designing Healthcare External Evaluation Programmes including Accreditation
New Zealand
Health Services
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This document provides guidance for countries, agencies and other groups in the process of setting up new health or social care external evaluation organisations or programs.
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This guidance aims to provide a practical guide for setting up an external evaluation program at both a national and an organizational level. It will help governments and policy makers to identify and determine health systems’ priorities and gaps, so they can re-orient healthcare systems and policies to meet such growing challenges. The guidance offers a range of approaches and practical steps on the setting up of external evaluation programmes, including creating an enabling environment and developing human and system capacities.

The existence or absence of evaluation programs may be a starting point for exploring areas of collaboration between the public and private health sectors. Such programs can also contribute to broader engagement about public financing for private service delivery or other ways in which private providers can gain access/eligibility to publicly orchestrated health initi

The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua)