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Engagement with the private sector in health for the COVID-19 response: a comparative synthesis of country experiences in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
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Health Emergencies
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This document provides comparative synthesis of country experience on private sector engagement as part of the COVID-19 response in the Eastern Mediterranean region (EMR), with a specific focus on health service delivery The intention of this comparative analysis is to distil behaviours and derive lessons between countries to strengthen governance of national health systems, inclusive of the private sector in health
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The comparative synthesis highlights a range of practice in response to COVID-19  Practice built upon available institutional arrangements, organisational structures, mechanisms for coordination and information exchange  The degree to which this was effective varied and is reflective of the attributes of EMR contexts to manage change and secure essential public health functions  The World Health Organization (WHO) seeks to support Member States with a practice-based and actionoriented approach to governance of the private sector in health, one that is grounded in context